Many people say they hear from God.  But what are they hearing? We have many examples.  Some are harsh, some are unbelievable, some are incredible, some are beyond our comprehension, some are just on time.

The question is…. What is He saying to YOU today.  That is hard enough in itself in a fast paced world where we have so much to do and not enough time to do it.  To actually hear a clear personal message from God.. What may even be harder is to follow through with what He says.

I have been struggling with a certain word from God. To be still.  Now, let me be clear.. God.. In NO WAY afflicted me with a disease.. He is not a child abuser.. I would never give my kids cancer, I would never give my kids a soar throat, I would never cut my child’s arm off.. but what I will do is everything I can to help my child heal or be healed.  We have a good good Father who loves us just for who we are. 

That being the case, He speaks. It’s up to us to listen.  There are many times my kids are in their rooms and I call for them and they don’t hear me.  They are distracted with something and they can’t hear the voice of their Father.  Sometimes in the midst of their distractions.. I speak loudly.. that get’s their attention.   When they come to hear what I’ve said, they then have the option to do something about it, or go back to their room and get back to the distraction.

I am striving to hear Dad without Him having to get loud.  He has used situations as opportunity to help me learn how to be still.  I am no where near attaining perfection there, however.. I am aware and I now seek to do what He spoke.

What is God speaking to you today? Can you hear him?  Is it soft or loud?  After you hear, do you go back to your room or follow through.  You see, he doesn’t expect perfection in your response, (just to let you in on something…. We’re not perfect) 🙂 He just expects us to listen and pursue.

God is absolutely speaking.. what is He saying to you? 


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