I read a blog today about our culture, discipleship and relationship.  I have adopted a phrase a few years ago that language shapes our culture.  It can shape it in positive ways and negative ways for sure. 

In his blog, Matt Walsh writes: “But this “personal relationship with Jesus” thing is very often applied like Pastor Rich and other trendy Christians apply it: as a means to strip the faith of its moral demands and reduce it down to anemic ambiguity. When many people speak of a Personal Jesus, what they really desire is an Adjustable Jesus. They want to be disciples on their own terms; to calibrate their religion to a more relaxing, luxurious setting; to throw out the difficult, challenging aspects of Belief and put something customized and convenient in its place. When these folks say “my personal relationship with Jesus,” all that really registers is the “my.””

That was a powerful quote.  I admit.. I’m a guy who is usually current on trends and fashion (sometimes a good thing, other times a flop), I like certain styles and I in no way am against anyone dressing in current fashion and design if that is what floats your boat.

One of the main things I want to focus on is discipleship. Jesus wasn’t convenient.  As a matter of fact, he taught to lose everything of yourself to gain everything of him.  Jesus was not and is not adjustable.  We can’t twist, tweak, tear or tailor him into what we want him to be.. He is I AM.

There is no doubt I believe in a personal relationship with him. I have a personal relationship with my wife. my kids.. my family and close friends. I don’t hide those. It’s when they are celebrated that they flourish.

So, yes.. it starts with a personal relationship with Christ.  A place where you intimately find hope, shedding the chains of sin and humiliation and of guilt for love and freedom only found in him.

Discipleship comes as part of that package. We’ll never be able to adjust perfection.. but if we allow perfection to “adjust” us or better yet.. fix, repair, make new.. then we are becoming disciples on his terms.. not ours.

Here’s an idea: Take a new job.. go to work on your first day and challenge everything they tell you.. letting them know you know a better way and a way that will make you feel more comfortable.. as Donald J. Trump would say…. YOU’RE FIRED! 🙂

This article I read today (many good nuggets in it) has me praying for our culture and challenging me in how I represent my Lord.  Like I said earlier.. language shapes culture.  What are you speaking?  How are you living it out?  What does “your” Jesus look like.

My hope and prayer is that I represent him well. I want him to look like him and pray my life will do just that. Not that he’s “mine”…… but that I am his.

So.. just a thought for today.. love you all and hey… remember… #GodsGotThis

Blog reference: http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/if-your-church-makes-christianity-cool-and-comfortable-you-should-find-a-new-church/

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