Titus 3: 3-8 (MSG) It wasn’t so long ago that we ourselves were stupid and stubborn, dupes of sin, ordered every which way by our glands, going around with a chip on our shoulder, hated and hating back. But when God, our kind and loving Savior God, stepped in, he saved us from all that. It was all his doing; we had nothing to do with it. He gave us a good bath, and we came out of it new people, washed inside and out by the Holy Spirit. Our Savior Jesus poured out new life so generously. God’s gift has restored our relationship with him and given us back our lives. And there’s more life to come—an eternity of life! You can count on this.

I wish I could say I had a faultless year in 2015.  I DID NOT.  I sinned.. a lot.  I’m sure you did too.  Oh.. it may not be some big giant thing, but those little ones can be nasty (it’s all really the same).

I’ve had the past few months of reflection about new and can’t shake it and we are on the dawn of a brand new year.  When I think of NEW… I can’t help but think of OLD.  There are some great things about old.  I have some OLD guitars.. they are incredible.. Valuable.. Special. I have an OLD car… memories, reflections.. wonder… I have OLD sins.. hurt, pain, experience, lessons.

We all have old and most old things that have life.. die. 

I’ve never really been a new years resolution kind of guy… however.. what about NEW.  Can you have a GOD STEPPED IN kind of moment today? A bath preparing you for 2016 like in the scripture above?

He pours out new life. He’s fantastic at resurrection.. and resurrection is always better.. it takes the good of the bad and molds into it something brand new.  For those wrestling with the statement that he takes good from bad.. let me help you.  Cancer.  Obviously I have had and have it (being healed of it I might add).. Cancer.. NOT GOOD… however… I have learned so much as a result of having it.  I have been afforded so many good things as a result of this bad in my life that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I don’t know what that thing may be for you.  Now you can ignore it and be bitter about it, or look at it as an opportunity for NEW.

You are on the edge of breakthrough. Tomorrow is just another day (and not even here yet) but in preparation for that day.. one in which we celebrate on a calendar.. why not allow that moment to be a personal moment for you.  Embrace the new.  (And the last time I checked a cemetery.. dead people don’t have opinions or much to say at all) 🙂

So bury the old and allow new life to come from it.  Allow resurrection.  Jesus showed us how it worked!  Allow a bath that only God can give.  Don’t make some empty promises to lose weight or be a better person and things like that.. Just simply embrace NEW and live there.

I want to thank so many of you for partnering with my wife Robin and I over the last few months of trials.  We have seen God do so much and have been so thankful for your faith and love.  My prayer is that this NEW YEAR brings something fresh for you.  Something incredible.  A year of hope, anticipation, faith, trust and abandonment to our Lord.

I repent daily for mistakes I make and hope to live into the plan and purpose God has for me.. I fail regularly, however, I am so grateful I serve and awesome and loving Father always ready to prepare a place of refreshing and always providing the grace of forgiveness.

I hope you embrace that place as well… so with that I hope these words mean something different to you… Happy NEW year!!!  Hey.. and remember #GodsGotThis

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