PSALM 77:14 NLT You are the God of great wonders! You demonstrate your awesome power among the nations.


One Thing I Have Learned To Value:

In my fight with cancer in my body and my faith for healing from an all loving Father is the little miracles I see every day.

1. I woke up

2. I have a beautiful wife and 2 incredible kids

3. I have a house full of food and beautiful things

I can go on and on and on….

So many people think of parting the sea kind of miracles, lame walking kind of miracles, I see them happen every day.  Have you ever come up against an obstacle and somehow, some way you got through??  That was a parting of the sea kind of miracle.

Have you ever found yourself crippled by a situation or circumstance and felt like you couldn’t take another step through it?  Bam!!  Breakthrough came and you learned to walk again.. Lame walking kind of miracle.

I am reminded of pain EVERYDAY of my life right now.  I wrestle with thoughts and find hope in His Word.  I choose to look at life as little miracles and realize how BIG they really are.

I hope that your perspective will change today a bit and you start looking at things as opportunity vs obstacle.  There is a God who created the ENTIRE universe.. and you….. No matter what you come up against today.. just remember…. #GodsGotThis



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