TITUS 2:7 And you yourself must be an example to them by doing good works of every kind. Let everything you do reflect the integrity and seriousness of your teaching.

1. We are all teaching something.. What are you teaching?

The reality is everyone is watching everything.. especially in this caught on film world we are living in. Are you reflecting integrity and seriousness of YOUR teaching?  What does YOUR life look like? 

2. What are you reflecting?

I have learned that there is not much about me that is worth teaching, except for the reflection.  I desire to reflect the life of Christ.  I do fail many times in an accurate reflection due to my flaw.. I’m human 🙂  Most folks have some grace for that since they are too…. But to fully reflect with integrity and seriousness what I have been taught is a primary motivation.

3. Reflection is action.

This is where we do. Reflection for me is (although a noun) an action word.  If I believe something I have been taught, an accurate reflection is to do it. I want a faith that is alive, not just a picture, but an action movie.. Christ is the star and I am a supporting actor.

So… what are you reflecting today?  Who are you reflecting today and what will you do about it? Don’t be satisfied with pictures alone… when people sat in the first movie theater to watch the first movie ever.. it awed the crowd….. it was something that came to life for them.

I hope and pray your reflection does that today..do it with integrity and seriousness and remember… #GodsGotThis

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