JOHN 4:23-24 NLT23 But the time is coming—indeed it’s here now—when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him that way. 24 For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.”

I find it so disappointing to know how abused the word WORSHIP has been over the years. We even fight about it in the Christian church among other things…. That I know doesn’t please the heart of the Father.  To have empty worship, angry worship, fake worship, unfamiliar worship.. you name it.. it’s out there.  Some of the above is even unintentional because it’s gotten so screwed up over the years.. most people don’t know what to do and now they are even afraid to worship!!!

I could go on for chapters about worship.. and I probably will at some point, but in the intention of a short blog that is easy for you to read.. I’ll save that for another day.

Let’s look at this small scripture in a quick snapshot.

1. Jesus already knows who you are.

There is no sense in sugar coating, hiding or faking anything.. He already knows where you are and what your motivation is.  EMBRACE WHERE YOU ARE.  Instead of being afraid of being a fake or phony or instead of fighting this pastor’s version of worship vs this other pastor’s version of worship.. how about doing exactly what Jesus said is a MUST.  That is:

2. Worship in Spirit and Truth.

What worshiping the Lord in spirit and truth is is that worship of God is not to be confined to a single geographical location or necessarily regulated by the temporary provisions of Old Testament law. With the coming of Christ, the separation between Jew and Gentile was no longer relevant, nor was the focus of the temple in worship. With the coming of Christ, ALL of God’s children gained equal access to God through Him. Worship became a matter of the heart, not external actions, and directed by truth rather than ceremony. That is a game changer.  I can remember many times (and I still have to fight it occasionally) being angry as a leader because I look out at a sea of dead heads, either refusing to or afraid to engage.  Why? Well, because people like me don’t foster an environment for spirit and truth.  If the truth is that you are a quiet introverted person.. I need to be a leader who can lead a quiet introvert to the very throne room of God!!  REALITY.. THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR SOME LEADERS AND THAT IS NOT TRUTH!

3.  What the heck do I do then Matt????!!!!!!!

Well.. look at this Samaritan woman and see how Jesus handled it.  She wasn’t a devoted Christian coming to the well at all.. she wasn’t devoted to much but messing around with a bunch of men evidently.  Christ knew it.. He called it.. she responded.. She what????!!!!!  She responded. She found out something very important.. She knew she was messed up.. Christ just confirmed that.. (Truth).. what blew her mind was this:

4. The Father Was Looking!!

Not if she was a whore.. He was looking for someone to be real.. to own it.. to come to Him without some false pretense.. to abandon themselves (Spirit) to Him and find a revolutionary new way!!! 

I’m saying you can find a revolutionary new way to worship.  I’m saying it doesn’t have to look like everyone else.. it just MUST be real (Spirit and Truth).  If you are afraid.. What are you afraid of? If you think it’s fake.. What is real??  If you feel there are too many expectations.. What are God’s expectations…… Yours???

Dad is looking and He’s looking at you and He’s looking at me.  If WE can be on that same page… BOOM CHAKALAKA BOOM!!!  It will be the most freeing, powerful, real, deep moments you have ever felt!!!

Okay… I can go on and on.. and I plan to in another venue.. but until then.. I hope this encourages you to examine where you are with worship and never never never quite.. because at the end of it all.. #GodsGotThis !!!!!!!!!

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