Ever find it hard to rejoice when things aren’t going your way? Well, we’ll make sure to send you the membership card because we are all part of that same big party.

I’m not going to candy coat anything here about hard times, they are called that for a reason. What I do want to suggest is that digging into this scripture a bit guides us past our own fleshly emotions to do what we should even when we don’t want to.

It says to rejoice in our


Well, I have many people I love and can count on, but, as you know, we are flawed as humans and I guarantee at some point in your life as in mine, you’ve been let down by someone you love and if you haven’t, it will happen.

For me, as a follower of Christ, I know that means that my confident hope is in Him. So how in the world can that possibly help in troubled times?

How can’t it?

  1. He’s freakin’ awesome
  2. He defeated death, hell and the grave.
  3. He said he did it for you.
  4. He doesn’t just own it all, He’s the creator of it all.
  5. He told us back then troubles would come and to trust in him.

Here’s the best thing to that rejoicing in our confident hope part. He said to be patient and keep on praying.

BE PATIENT... He didn’t say HAVE PATIENCE. There is a difference

To say to be vs. to have is a discipline issue. For example I have 1 type of blood flowing through my veins. If I went to the hospital bleeding to death and needed more blood, another blood type going into my body instead of my blood type would most likely kill me. I am B+ I can surely have O- through an IV.

Think of it… You’re at the hospital, bleeding to death and alert… If you knew your blood type and they said  “ahhh we’ll just grab another off the shelf and give it to you”….. You’d make a huge stink about that for sure!

Same thing. BE PATIENT. Walk in it. Live in it. Know it. And as a result of that confidence in your life the keep on praying part is gonna be some good stuff because you will be REJOICING IN A CONFIDENT HOPE!!

I’m about to get my preach on!! 😉 So I’ll stop here and you can keep on digging into this for yourself. I’d love to hear your comments, make sure you post them below, subscribe so you get these each week and please share them with others. Thank you so much for the grace and honor of letting me write these for you (and me) each week.

Don’t you ever forget, in the midst of it all, and in your rejoicing in confident hope:






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