Romans 3:23 NLT

For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.

Yep.. That’s me. I may be your friend, your pastor, your family member, but I’m flawed. Like daily flawed.. Like the cancer that is in me (it’s going thanks to Jesus!!)… no where near the infection of flawed.

Here’s the thing… YOU ARE TOO 🙂

Now that we have that out of the way.. I’ll point back at me.

I’ve wrestled so much with what is going on in our world and country. I raise a fist to the air at least once a day.. I talk to my TV.. I say prayers from my pillow.. I wake up wondering what the day will be.

It is a crazy and broken world for sure. Looking at today’s scripture is pretty huge!!




Now that is a big one. I’m sure if we all just sat and thought about it for a moment, many things would and could come to mind about the “glorious standard”.

Many other versions say

 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

This was a time when Jews and Gentiles were coming under one God and that was a place that some couldn’t even consider. “…The glory of God” means the glory of the Divine righteousness, which man, through sin, falls short of.

So for me.. the only glorious standard or glory of God to be known from this scripture is that of Jesus Christ himself.

Jesus set a high bar.  I am no where near him in character or life.. HOWEVER.. I strive to be.

Not because I have to (well.. kind of) but because I WANT to.

I would like to encourage you, in the midst of a broken world with opinions flying through the air (principalities and powers scripture is for another blog)……………

Know the truth.. the glorious standard. He is the only one in which we can measure by. I will let you down, politics will let you down, sports will let you down, lovers will let you down, celebrities will let you down.. But Jesus.. He never changes.. He is solid, stable and a glorious standard.

Take some time and read about his character. What made him tick, how he acted vs reacted. I’m going to do a bit of that too and hopefully… I will start looking a little more like him each day……

And in the midst of it all… never forget… #GodsGotThis


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