Stand firm, and you will win life.


One of the reasons Jesus came was to give us access to eternal life through Him. What we have to realize is that is not the only life He died to provide.

What’s the point of living average here only hoping for extravagant there?

If life wins, that means overall.  What kind of life are you living here on planet earth?

Average? Just getting by? Just okay? Just decided to be satisfied with whatever?

Abundant life means so much more than that. There is a way to live as a winner.  When I was diagnosed with a life threatening disease and told I had 8 months to live without treatment, the first thing that popped into my mind wasn’t… “Well.. it’s all over now!”

I have never drowned in water before, but I have choked on it a few times in my life. Let me tell you.. when you start to choke.. you don’t just say.. “Oh well.. guess this is it.. I’ll just suffocate and die now.. sure was nice while it lasted.”

NO! You fight!! You cough, you gasp, you reach for air.. whatever it takes to breathe is all that matters!!!

My friends.. if life is choking you right now.. don’t just let it.. FIGHT TO BREATHE!!!! Jesus conquered death, so LIFE WINS.. our option is to LIVE!

I can’t tell you that every day starts out that way for me, there are days it chokes the life almost all the way out of me, however, the God of resurrection lives inside me! The one who is life himself can breathe into me and almost like what it must feel like when you have drowned and you finally get the first burst of air back in your lungs, it is a huge INHALE of LIFE.

Take a deep breath today my friends, don’t let the junk of this world choke the life out of you. God is bigger and better than it all. He alone can breath a life that wins into your soul.

No matter what you are going through, you can get through it, because in all things don’t ever forget……


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