My family and I were recently afforded the opportunity to travel to Europe for our yearly vacation.  It was a dream come true to share so many things that were important to my wife and myself with our children.  I was born there in the late 60s.  I served there in the late 80s and pieces of our hearts were scattered throughout the countryside.  Not only were able to find those pieces of our hearts and share them with our children… We were able to leave new ones, now magnificently multiplied.

One of the places we went to was a place we visited in Salzburg Austria and it was an old salt mine.  We traveled over 400 feet below the earth into an incredibly beautiful cavern.  As we traveled with each other, it was lit in just the right places to expose the beauty that lives beneath the earth.  

 However, don’t for one second think that if the lights disappeared and we were stuck in a corner alone or even with other people,  the feeling of joy and excitement could easily change immediately.  

  As I read through the scripture in Psalms I’m sharing today I pictured a cave… David retreated to the cave at a point in his life… That cave was a place of fear, anguish, hope and faith.

 It is so easy to find ourselves at times in a cave, however it really depends on why we are there. 

 Is your cave a place of retreat or rest?  Maybe both.

 In those places it is easy to hear things loudly in the silence. 

  There is no doubt that God is speaking to you today. There is no doubt that God has a plan for you today. There is no doubt he’s already at work in your life today. 

 I want to encourage you to listen to the loudness of the silence in your life today.  Listen for when he is speaking and how he’s instructing you to move, act, speak and live. 

 Consider this the light switch flipping on. 

The darkness of the cave, the fear that you had been feeling, now exposes the beauty, the peace and the hope of what today will bring you! 

 I hope this brief moment I’ve been allowed to share reflects that for you…… Oh yes, and just another reminder in everything that you are going to face today…




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