The new year is fast underway and many people are thinking of things they can do differently. The internet, TV and radio and full of ads trying to entice us all into spending money to make ourselves better.

Many people will spend the cash, make a partial effort and stay firmly planted into the life they have been living.

One way to look at things is to adopt the R3 life. This is a life of revival, renewal and reclamation.

1. Revive

Restore to life or consciousness. That is the definition of revive. Life is vibrant. Life is abundant and life is to be lived! The first step is to agree to revive your current life and dive into the life God paid a huge price for you to live.  Do you feel you are living into the life Jesus died for on the cross? Are you living a “well done my faithful servant” kind of life? The first step is the choice to revive and thrive!!!

2. Renew

Resume (an activity) after an interruption. That is the definition of renew. Resume! We all face interruptions in our lives and many of them are just plain horrible! After you’ve been revived the renewal is the obvious next step. Time to shake of the interruption. This could have been years of time. It won’t happen easily, but it can happen! If you put your mind to it, trust in God completely and push forward… THIS WILL HAPPEN!!!

3. Reclaim

Retrieve or recover (something previously lost, given, or paid); obtain the return of.  It’s your turn now!! I don’t know if you ever have experienced being robbed (I hope not) but I have. I’m here to tell you, when something you have had is stolen, it is a gut awful feeling, but the feeling of when it is returned… AMAZING!!! It’s like getting it back for the first time, only better! Now that you have made the choice of personal revival, have pushed the play button and renewed your drive and life, it is time to reclaim, retrieve, recover the life you have been made to live!!!!!

It’s an R3 life baby and it’s your time to live it!!!! I hope this little nugget is enough to get your juices flowing and get you going!!! I’m always willing to chat or you can message me if you want to process and I want to remind you that through it all and in your pursuit of an R3 2018…….


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