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I help people overcome their BIGGEST life
Obstacles so they can ACHIEVE their #1 Goal
And live a life of ABUNDANCE. 

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Who’s The Hero?

I believe there is hope available to all of us regardless of circumstance and situations. In every person’s life is a treasure trove of golden moments waiting to be uncovered, revealed and celebrated. By learning how to uncover these moments it empowers you to live life instead of existing in it and that fuels a contagious posture of positivity becoming a breeding ground of Faith, Legacy, Identity, and Purpose spreading from home life to work life and everywhere in between. 

I help executives, entrepreneurs and individuals ALIGN BELIEFS with ACTION to create a culture of ABUNDANCE.

 “Abundance Profit Culture

You’re the hero of the story, yep…YOU! You may not feel like it, but it’s your story! Through a few simple tools…The pain, confusion, lack, and negativity will be destroyed and your #1 goal becomes a reality. It’s time to flip the script on your life, the story doesn’t change…

It just gets even better! Now…Let’s win!


by Matt Crump

#GodsGotThis is a book that uncovers life in areas where you’d least expect it. How can joy and freedom come from misery and pain? How can the looming thought of death be a place to ignite hope?

These stories and moments are examples of how things that seem or seemed bad actually turn out good.

Each chapter is followed by a 2 page journal designed to bring hope through a tool called the #GodsGotThis Moment tools. Once learned and applied, you’ll be able to discover some incredible gold waiting to be mined in your life.

Matt’s hope is that the stories he shares will bring hope to yours and a solid foundation knowing that no matter what circumstance or situation you find yourself in, you will be able to proclaim as well #GodsGotThis.

You Can Do The Flip!

In this 8 week coaching relationship, Matt will guide you through the process of discovering extremely vital areas at the core of your life revealing how your #1 Goal is absolutely possible.

We don’t miss “it” because our goal is out of reach, we miss it because unexpected obstacles and setbacks get in our way.

Sometimes, the answers we need to overcome an obstacle requires laying down our pride and seeking answers outside of ourselves. 

To overcome any obstacle, you have to first understand how it manifested in your life.  A good starting point is to ask yourself:

  • What went wrong?
  • What could’ve caused this?
  • What is my next step?

Matt has developed a unique strength through his life experiences as a leader in business, ministry and community as well as his battle with stage IV cancer. The benefits afforded to you through these life experiences will also develop a solid purpose and identity within you.

As a result, this gives birth to a confidence that fuels courage. A courage to live by faith, creating a purposeful legacy that will carry for generations to come.

Achieving any goal will always take some form of sacrifice. There is always a price for success.  The cost? You must be willing to pay that price in the form of change or sacrifice.

It’s really unlikely to overcome an obstacle if you don’t first believe that you’re capable of doing it in the first place. Without the proper tools, the correct mindset and a someone who believes that you can…Expect to be facing the same problems today 10 years from now. Sound fun? Then let’s FLIP THE SCRIPT on life as you know it!

Testimonials & Reviews

“Matt has always been a loyal friend that is willing to listen and process what is going on in someone’s life. He always has time for you whether it’s a new relationship or a lifelong friend. Matt possesses great discernment in bieng able to listen to the Holy Spirit and to speak into the lives of those he is counseling and coaching. I have received significant break-through in these impactful conversations throughout my time with Matt.”

Pastor Chad Pullins

Crossroads Church

“I met Matt on Aug 13, 2000. For over 18 years has has been my friend, confidante, encourager, souding board and prayer partner. He helped me launch CrossPointe Church that originally started with just a few families. Today we teach, train, and minister to almost 1,000 people every weekend. Without his help we might not have made it out of those tough first few years. Matt is a generous, passionate Jesus follower. Who doesn’t love someone like that?

Adam Horvath

Project Manager HRsolution InternationalLocation Global; Munich, Bavaria, Germany

“My husband had just been medically retired and was put on a limited income, we had also just welcomed a new son into our family. The hardest blow came in the form of an unfavorable outcome from a judgement that, at the time, was going to force us into bankruptcy. I remember feeling like the weight of the air around me would just smother me and that would be it. There wasn’t a visible way out. We reached out to the only person I could think of in that moment, Matt Crump. And you prayed with me and gave me some advice on how to begin to take steps forward both in our Christian walk and to help with our financial hardships. Minutes turned into hours, days to weeks. And step by step we kept moving, praying the whole time. Sometimes we would begin to stress out again, but I keep Matt’s “God’s Got This” page going on my stream as a constant reminder. Things slowly began to come together….”

A Restored Couple

“In the short time I have known Matt, he has shown himself to be a very resourceful, thoughtful and engaging business leader. His ideas are wonderful and his commitment is top-notch. Plus friendly and very smart. I’d recommend working with him on every occasion that you can find.”

Dave Crane

Executive Speech & Presentation Strategist | United Nations Representative I Leadership Director

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Matt is a proud US Army (Med) Retired Veteran and served during the Gulf War.