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#GodsGotThis Stories

Here are some stories of how #GodsGotThis in the lives of others. We hope these stories inspire you, revealing hope and that one day your story of how #GodsGotThis can be here as well. You’re not alone.


God did something incredible. He protected my home. My insurance lapsed October 6th on the house. And I fought tooth and nail to reinstate it and NC had already implemented the whole no underwriting clause because the hurricane was just around the corner. So I’m on pins and needles. And everything looked like I might skirt by, and then the rain got heavier and heavier and the next thing you know, I felt strongly to go look out the backyard. Which is odd. It’s just trees, fields and crops back there. So I go to the back door and I see what looks like running water flowing across the ground in the midst of the rain. And it is coming from right to left where the dam is and where I draw my water. So I keep looking and I start wondering if the dam is overflowing. It was fast moving. By the time I went to the living room and grabbed my phone to the time I got back to the door, I watched water rushing through the fields, into my backyard and headed towards the house.

I don’t have signal at home, so I’m trying to keep a level head. Pray and immediately grabbed out the dog leashes. And the water got to the utility room (which is at the back door) and I just started praying for God to hold back the water. And Matt, He did. I don’t have explanation for it but that. I’m pretty logical but I SAW the water stop at the utility room.

It went under the door, started flowing in, and then it drew back out like a tsunami wave would.

I ran to the side door and watched it flow down the side of the house and then it just stopped. And there’s this big line of collecting branches and junk where it just stops in the yard and it’s where the water had just stopped and receded and all the stuff it was tearing down and picking up in the yard was just left there like nothing happened… So… #GODSGOTTHIS


Peace. In so many instances, Gods peace has overtaken the thoughts in my mind. I lost my son in 2009, and oh the thoughts were great! Anger, hurt, pain, an overwhelming sadness had filled my heart. But I soon realized that all of those negative thoughts in my head were invaded, and taken over by peace. He will give you the peace that passes all understanding, in circumstances that you have no control over.

It’s not our job to be in control. Peace usually follows surrendering. Realizing that our peace comes from the realization that #GodsGotThis. He will never leave us or forsake us. So it only makes sense to place our hope and trust in him. Remember that.. I will trust in you. I will not be afraid. #GodsGotThis




One thing I have definitely learned in the past year is…. God does have this!! He has gotten me and my family through one of the toughest fights in our lives. My husband fought his toughest battle over a year with esophageal cancer, treatments, and surgery for it. I was with him through it all. God got us through a recurrence of this terrible disease, even though I lost my husband Woody, “the love of my life,” in the end. However, I have peace knowing that he is no longer sick and is with our Lord in heaven, He was with Woody and all our family from the start of the journey and still is now. I’ve been able to really see how God works through the power of prayer, acts of kindness, close friendships, and also meeting the needs of me and my family. He’s still got us and and will be there till we’re called home. I wouldn’t have made it this far without knowing that #Godsgotthis. Thank you, Lord. Amen.


#Gods Got This In My Life…. When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I was devastated and felt so lost. I couldn’t believe it was happening to me! A dear friend, Liz, introduced me via Facebook, to Matt Crump. He helped me see that you can live during treatments and should live even harder than ever. I came to church and met some amazing and wonderful people. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Woody. He talked to me about chemo and we wound up having treatments together. What a kind and gentle soul he was! May He Rest In Peace! I met Kyle and talked to his mother who helped me immensely over the phone. We had a similar diagnosis. I really appreciated her help! My husband left during my chemo treatments stating, he was tired of hearing about cancer and chemo. So, I dug down deep, I prayed and I surrounded myself with the love and support of family, friends and my new found friends at the church. My chemo kept me pretty down and confined to home. I just decided to live my life with a vengeance and know that I could do this with positivity and faith. I am happy to say, I have completed my chemo and radiation and at this time, I have been given the all clear. I am happy to say that I close on my home and will be neighbors with Matt and Liz. Not only has God been right by my side with health and healing he also has put me right where I need to be! I believe got held my hand and lead me to where me and my son are meant to be. It’s all about the people and memories we make. I am beginning a new book in the chapter of life and I am doing it all because #Gods Got This! Never give up! Never quit!


Three years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in my right tonsil and right lymph node. When the doctor told me, a peace came over me that I couldn’t explain. I told the Doctor that it would be all right. He asked me how could I be so calm with this diagnosis. I told him that if it was my time to go I would be going to heaven if not I would be healed. It was a win/win situation no matter how you looked at it. He looked at my husband and said if only I had that faith. Shortly after that I started my cancer treatments of 33 radiations and 3 chemo treatments lasting about 3 hrs. If you know me you know one thing I have trouble with is wasting time. So lying on a table gets on my nerves fast. So God led me to start praying for people. It’s amazing how time flew while I was talking to God and how people’s faces popped in my mind during that prayer time. People I hadn’t seen in years. It’s also amazing how time flies when you going about your Fathers business. During this time I realized how much my family loved me, I also realized how God has a plan in our life. It might not be our plan, might not be your plan, but it’s God’s plan which is a perfect plan. I also realized that in sickness, health, bad times and good. #GODSGOTTHIS!

Erik & Hannah

“Gods Got This” is something we’ve all said numerous times to others or even a silent reminder to ourselves. Every trying situation we face, as a Christ follower, we know that ultimately He DOES have this. Why would He bring us through it if He didn’t? That’s not the heart of God we serve, is it?

Erik and I’s story started in February 2009 when we spotted each other in church. I remember everything so vividly. He was the current worship leader of a church in Fayetteville & I was a first time, out of town visitor with my family. Who would’ve thought? Such random circumstances. Ha. But little did I know that that Sunday would turn into many moments that changed our lives from that day forward. I don’t think either of us knew just how pivotal that day was for us individually. To make a long story short, we jumped right into a relationship. There wasn’t much time at all that we took becoming friends first. We just liked each other so much! Over the course of a few months our bond became extremely solid, one like I’d never experienced before. It really was so special. He was everything I prayed for in a mate, but something kept getting in our way and that thing was time. Have you ever heard the saying, “the right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing”? That was us to a T. Due to that, we spent a year apart. But what we didn’t know is that we were both growing and maturing. After many lessons learned, and a move to Fayetteville for myself, we tried it out again, maybe THIS was the right time. Starting off we took baby steps, we actually dated and took the time to develop a strong friendship, which was something we failed to do the first go around. We truly became best of friends in that time, which I think was the key we were missing. We individually became better which transcended into our marriage, we started building our relationship the right way and that’s why I truly believe we are still flourishing today, almost 5 years later. Sure, that isn’t long for some couples but to us, it feels good to say that!

From getting an apartment, to losing weight together, to buying home, saving 2 pups, we resided in Fayetteville for about 4 years. We were very blessed doing what we both love for a living, him a musician and I a stylist. We both had ideal jobs but we couldn’t help but feel something missing. We started longing for something more than ourselves. In Fayetteville we didn’t have a secure support system, we tried but just never quite felt “home” anywhere. It was pretty much just us, all we had was each other and the pups. At the end of each day I think we both felt a void, something was missing that we both had before. That void was not only more of Jesus, but a community of firm believers in Him. He knew our hearts, He knew what we needed. We started praying for His will to be done.

I would say in the beginning of 2016, God really started working on both of our hearts. Erik was starting to feel his calling back home, leading Gods people on stage & I felt like I just needed growth in Jesus name and because I have a pure passion for serving…one Monday night Erik reached out to one of his great childhood friends. His friend was a worship leader at a church in Athens, AL, an hour from his about being called “home”! After a few phone calls and a visit to Athens, 2 weeks later and here we are. Isn’t our God funny sometimes? It’s only Him who works like that. He does everything just so and then we are called to trust that. In doing so, listening to the spirit, following His will..our hearts are full again, together. I can honestly say that in the process of everything we have been through..we always always knew that GODS GOT THIS!


Recently I read a devotion based on Mark 11 where Jesus was encouraging his disciples to have faith and to believe in the power of their words. Jesus, traveling and hungry, had just cursed a green leafy fig tree for not producing fruit. The next day as they walked by the same tree, Peter noticed the roots of that tree were all dried up. “And Jesus, replying, said to them, Have faith in God. Truly I tell you, whoever says to this mountain, be lifted up and thrown into the sea! And does not doubt at all in his heart but believes that what he says will take place, it will be done for him.” (Mark 11:22-23 AMP)

Reflecting on this brought me back to a time in my life where the mountain I was facing was alcohol addiction. Years of daily binge drinking, unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when I tried to quit, and constant liver pain were my life. At 32 years of age. I knew I had a problem but could not quit and could not imagine going even 24 hours without drinking at least half a bottle of rum or more. Anyone who has suffered from, or loves someone, who has battled addiction, knows how impossible recovery and sobriety can seem. At what I thought was my lowest, I felt hopeless and questioned whether or not God heard my desperate pleas for help. Though I was gripped by the chains of addiction, I did pray for healing but I didn’t really believe God could actually hear, or release me from it. Oh me of little faith! I didn’t think God cared enough to help me, and I also felt like I didn’t deserve to be helped or healed. I was, after all, a Christian with a closet drinking problem. I had no faith in the words of my prayers before they even left my lips.

I sank even lower after the suicide of a close friend, and with that brought absolute despair. A wise person once told me, when you hit rock bottom, sometimes that’s the best place to build a foundation. The day after my friend’s memorial service, I attended church with my mother in my hometown and I responded to an alter call. I was broken and had nothing left to offer. No words. No hope. No prayers. BUT, at the alter were 4 amazing women who prayed for me and over me without even knowing what I needed prayer for. They had enough faith to make up for my lack of it. They believed their words, and they spoke those life giving prayers of healing and hope over me. Through their faith, God crumbled my mountain in an instant! While I had considered joining a 12 step program, which I know has helped countless others, the only steps I ended up needing to take, were a few steps of blind faith to an alter where 4 prayer warriors prayed and believed for me. And guess what? It worked! From that day forward I have never consumed alcohol, been tempted to drink it, and I never experienced one withdrawal symptom! Now, 6 and a half years later, when I pray, I am encouraged not only to believe that God will hear my prayers and answer them, but I also now know that I am worth it! When I had nothing left to give, when I was empty and broken, God intervened, filled me with healing, and His glory now shines through the brokenness I once had. It may be that God crumbles your mountain like He did mine, or He may walk alongside you over it or through it. Whatever mountain are you facing today, know that God wants you to call on Him for help and I urge you to absolutely believe your prayers! And remember, God’s got this!


All of my adult life, when challenges came my way, I have lived by the statement ” just throw it out on faith”. Don’t get me wrong, many of those times I had to try to “do it my way” before I would admit that I needed to “throw it out on faith” and let God help me through it. Did you make wrong choices when it came to relationships as a young adult? I did, but God will lead you, as he did me, to the person who will share your hopes and dreams. In my case, the wonderful guy I met at the age of 15 would, 10 years later, be my husband. I thank God every day for him! We wanted a child, but it didn’t happen until we “threw it out on faith” and a little help from medications. Years later, after the death of my younger cousin, we decided we wanted our son to have a sibling (originally it was going to be just one child for us.) It didn’t go as planned and even the previous medications weren’t working. We decided “no more medications” and threw it out on faith. You guessed it, we got pregnant not long after we gave it to God. Then came my addiction to credit cards; I know some of you have been there too. It took many, many years to climb out of that hole. Along the way, at some of our low points when we didn’t know how we were going to pay for the unexpected, we “threw it out on faith” and it’s amazing where and who comes through for you (without even asking). Next came my multiple medical issues that effected not only my body but my relationships. Depression is very real and at this time I struggled to “throw it out on faith” because I didn’t think I had any. God put the right people in my path and they were the ones that believed for me and showed me that God was still there. Fast forward a few more years, and I heard one of the worst things a mother wants to hear, “your child has cancer at the age of 15”. What got us through, yep, “throw it out on faith” and with the help of our church family, she made it through. She is cancer free! That was not to be the last of her challenges because at the age of 20, she took a major fall and broke her hip. For the past 2 years, she has gone through 4 surgeries; the last one a total hip replacement. Her recovery is her story to tell. My challenge has been keeping the faith as she went through it. I questioned my faith, I questioned why God would put her through this, I questioned if I was strong enough to present the positive and be a good example for her. I had to “throw it out on faith” and again God placed the people who were living in faith in my path.
Everyone has different challenges and sometimes I have felt that I got more than my share. Are my challenges worse than someone else’s? Not in comparison to some; they still seemed at times to be insurmountable to me. So, I continue to “throw it out on faith” because #Godsgotthis



Pastor Matt, I wanted to let you know you were in my thoughts today. This week has been a challenge for me. In the mist of starting at a new school (true blessing) my chronic illness has decided to surface. Not to be compared with yours or your level of stress but what I am comparing is the way I’ve tried to deal with it. That’s where you came in. As I was preparing for my day, your quote came to mind. ‪#‎GODSGOTTHIS‬. I’ve been going about this whole week wrong. So I’m not sure if I’d call it an inspiration or a kick in the right direction, but I now realize that I can’t do it my way. So with that #Godsgotthis


I was about 30 years old when I started having symptoms of hay fever.  I was already a believer in that it was always God’s will for us to be healed.  I had seen my mom healed from cancer.  In the spring of the year that I turned 43, my church was having Sunday worship outdoors, and since I was on the worship team, I had to be there at 8am to help set up the sound equipment on the stage.  I woke up early and my nasal passages were stuffy and I was sneezing.  I began quoting Isaiah 53:4-5 and commanding a spirit of infirmity to come out of me; then I took an antihistamine.  We had the service, and then after that we were going to have lunch outside.  I was having a conversation with a church member, when my antihistamine stopped working.  My eyes started itching, my nose began to run, and I began to sneeze.  She said to me, “So, you have allergies?”  I nearly answered in the affirmative, but I stopped myself and said, “No. I have healing.” Then I started walking towards my car because I had some antihistamines in the glove compartment.  About half way to the car, the Lord said “What kind of healing do you have?”  At that I stopped, turned around, and headed back to the picnic.  As soon as I got to the tables, my symptoms were all gone!  The next morning I could breathe out of both nostrils, something I hadn’t done in years!  It’s been almost 19 years now, and I’ve not had any hay fever symptoms. I give all glory to God! Jesus is my Healer! #GodsGotThis

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