I’m matt crump

Personal Life, Career Coach & Business Consultant

I help executives, entrepreneurs, and euphoric individuals align beliefs with action to live, lead and leave a life of abundance.

Personal Life Coaching

For over 30 years, Matt has been helping individuals overcome life obstacles, helping them to live in a place of abundance.

Career Building

As an entrepreneur and business owner over the past few decades, Matt understands your strong desire to live  into your calling and what it takes to get there.
Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Whether you are a corporation, business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, the only way to get where you’ve never been is to do something you’ve never done

Executive Leadership

Solution Mining and Action Planning

Unified Production and Pipeline Process Improvement

Abundant Profite Culture (APC)

Goal Setting

Goals are just dreams without action. Learn the action steps necessary to become a reality.

Public Speaking

Interested in having Matt at your next event, clinic or workshop?

Purveyor of Hope

From drugs and alcohol to Stage IV cancer, Matt understands what hope is and the need for it in your life…

Published Author

Matt’s first book #GodsGotThis is available online everywhere as well as many other books he has written for personal development, mindset, business, life and more…

What Is Life Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?


RESILIENCE, CLARITY, and CULTURE make or break the bottom line.

Unclear, unmet & unrealistic goals can cause a schism miles deep and wide. 2020 has been ALL about change.

How about you?
Are you able to be resilent? Do you have clarity?
How about your business?
Is your business headed in the correct direction? Are you leaving a legacy or a mess to be cleaned up by someone else?
How about your business?
Is your business headed in the correct direction? Are you leaving a legacy or a mess to be cleaned up by someone else?
How about your expectations?
Is this as good as it gets? Is this all there is to you, your business, career and life?
How about your bottom line?
What is that? Do you have a line in the sand? Future growth plans? Know where you are headed in 3 years? 5 years? 10 years?
The choice is easy, the work is hard and leadership leads the way.
As a Workplace Learning and Performance Coach (WLP) I am here to
#Empower #Executives, #Entrepreneurs, and #Individuals to ALIGN BELIEFS with ACTION creating a culture of #ABUNDANCE.

About Me

I’ve always been a dreamer, not just seeing what is, but what can be. My background comes from drugs and alcohol and then the US Army as a wartime vet, a pastor for over 30 years, a designer, coach, consultant, and more. My over 9 year battle with cancer has taught me much about life and the joy to live it with my beautiful wife and kids. Obstacles are always going to pop up and sometimes they can block you completely from your calling in life unless you have the right help. I’d like to think that with thousands of people I’ve been blessed to serve over the years, I can help you too. I’d love the opportunity to hear your story and see how I can best serve you.

-Matt Crump


“Heart, Insight, Passion, Courage, and Wisdom are all things Matt Crump is able to impart to those he serves. He has the experience, the strategies, and the skills to help others with personal and business transformation. I highly recommend Matt for coaching, consulting, mentoring, or as a speaker for your next event.”

Gene Girdley, DelRae Learning and Development Greater Pheonix Area

“I have been following Matt for a long time, he has a heart of gold, has dealt with more adversity than most of us even want to talk about, yet his positivity and outlook on life is truly inspirational. All of what Matt says and does has a massive impact on so many and I can highly recommend you follow, engage or pay Matt to help you achieve your goals.”

Scotty Schindler, System 1357 Sawtell, New South Wales, Australia

Matt has a big heart and creative mind. He is passionate about helping others and inspiring change. Matt also uses his deep faith to help others create change in their life.

Zack Friedman, Best Selling Author - The Lemonade Life Greater New York City Area

Online Coaching Resources

Pods and Blogs

Matt has several shows available as well as hundreds of articles to help you in your daily life. Visit our resource page for more info.

The Hope Page

I know how life can feel without hope. I have put together a few key scriptures and resources that may be helpful for you right now as well.

Press Kit/Speaker Package

For more details on Matt’s services and how he can help you, your business or event, you can view and download his latest bio/info package.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

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