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There is really only one way to a community and only one way for that community to become a movement. We need you there! Matt Crump Ministries and #GodsGotThis have so many ways to help you get and keep you involved, you just have to show up for the party!! Visit our blog, podcast, YouTube site, Facebook Group Page, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts where you can not only be inspired you can be an inspiration to others! We look forward to seeing you there and when you get there, make a post and say hello, comment on a post already there waiting and let’s enjoy what it feels like to be…Family. #GodsGotThis!

Matt Crump and a Hope Revealed

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The Hope Page

One of the things I feel I exist to honor God with in my life and to help others is unveiling hope.

The first place that could ever happen in my life and I want to share with you is through his word.

There are many, many more scriptures than what I can put on this page, however, I thought I’d share a few with you.

While reading through these, don’t ever forget that in your life #GodsGotThis…let him.

-Matt Crump


50000 Feet In the Clouds

Perhaps you’ve been flying at 50,000 feet at 700MPH but it’s really time to land that dream plane, get grounded, and land those goals to become reality!

I’m New… Now What?

I didn’t grow up as a Christian.  I had an idea of who Jesus was and understood somewhat that he died for my sins, but that was about it… Be a good person, do to others what you would have them do to you kind of stuff.  But actually knowing Jesus and how to “hear” from God. yeah.. not so much.

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Cancer Resources

REFUSE To Be Dying of Cancer…

Choose To Live Life And Live It Loud


Below are some resources that you may find helpful in your fact finding:

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Other Coaching Programs

Dr. Patrice J Carter

Great coaching programs available outside of the coaching programs available at Matt Crump Ministries with Dr. Patrice J. Carter

Website Design & Management

My good friend Shawn Morgan runs Series 5 Technology, a WordPress Management and Consulting buisness. He helped me put together my site and is also doing my web hosting and maintenance. He’s a great guy and what he does helps me focus on serving you better because I don’t have to worry about any of the technical things going on with my website.

 Check out Series 5 Technology if you need help with your website.

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