Operation 50:30

For as little as $1.67 a day you can sponsor one child each month to be able to eat, be clothed, and go to school with supplies!!

Your monthly commitment will be $50 p/month for each child in our ministry at orphanages in Africa and our work in the Philippines. Your support is literally a life and death difference.


Thank you so much for your generous gift!! When making your donation, you can also choose the recurring option which will automatically deduct your donation from your account.

Matt Crump Ministries Inc is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3), and we are so thankful for your donations and support. We will use funds to help people that #GodsGotThis and MCM Inc are working with personally and to help the ministry and teams within the movement for events, counseling, outreach, admin, medical expenses, etc.  Thank you for your one time donations or for becoming one of our GGT Team Monthly Supporters!!

(You can register for monthly donations when at the Paypal page)

Please choose friends and family donation to save processing costs and check recurring if becoming a monthly supporter. Thank you!

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