Welcome to Matt Crump Ministries and understanding a bit more about some things we are doing around the world.

The world is filled with Despair, but there can always be a HOPE REVEALED!

There are people who are suffering from terminal diseases and other life-threatening illnesses, and they need your help. There are children in Africa who have lost their parents and don’t know where their next meal will come from or the future they will face. And there are people all over the world who just need someone to believe in them so that they can reach for and achieve their dreams.

When you support Matt Crump Ministries Inc., you’re reaching out to these hurting people with resources and hope TODAY! We’ve been doing this since 2015 when we started working with other terminally ill patients and sharing their stories on video via #GodsGotThis Stories. Since then, we’ve expanded our ministry into many different areas of service around the globe by partnering directly with orphanages and organizations on the ground that do hands-on work serving those in desperate situations. Our goal is to provide spiritual, physical, educational, and financial assistance both locally here at home as well as globally through direct partnerships overseas helping those living in what seems to be hopeless situations find through the resources we offer a HOPE REVEALED. 

MCM Causes

Giving Options


You will have the opportunity to sponsor one of many children we have in need right now in our orphanages in Kenya, Kisii, and Nairobi. You can learn all about your child, what they love, want to be, and how to help make that possible!

Give a One-Time Gift

Perhaps you’d just like to support our work with people around the world. It takes a lot of time and money to do what we do and every gift is essential to create an impact in those lives, businesses, and careers.

Where You’re Giving

Serving Many Countries Around the World

We have been helping people in the USA, UK, Australia, Africa, Philippines, India, Mexico, Canada, Netherlands, Ireland, Russia, and more every day! Your support helps us continue our efforts to provide the resources and hope for a better now and a brighter tomorrow.

Racism, Hunger and Disease

Our core passions at MCM Inc are to help bring an end to racism, hunger, and terminal disease (specifically cancer) around the world! We have been able to partner with many organizations in a network of hope providing:

  • Food             Clothes       Shelter
  • Education     Coaching        Business Startups
  • Farming/Water Supplies and more

With Cash

If you are local and want to do cash only, please contact us to make those safe arrangements.

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Popular Funds


Kenya Citadel Orphanage Center

This is our first alignment and commitment to help serve in Africa. Over the years we have experienced much pain together, but nothing like living there through it. Please consider sponsoring a child monthly that can and will make all the difference in the world! We currently serve 27 children at this location.

$— Donated

Heart 2 Heart

Heart to Heart Orphanage

Isaac is sitting on a new building with only a few more things to be done to no longer pay rent and have a piece of land and a building paid for that will house up to 40 orphans of the 26 we already serve!! Please consider sponsoring a child!

$__ Donated

Imtag Metro Tabernacle

We are happy to have been working for the past few years with individuals and a church in the Philippines.

In 2021, funds we sent over time made the purchase of a truck for transportation and deliveries of needed items in the nearby communities and villages.


$– Donated

About Your Donations, Where & How They are used


We are a NonProfit 501(c)(3) Organization

All (USA) donations are tax-deductible if you are wanting to have a record of that donation, please let us know. For your immediate records our EIN # is


Does 100% of my donation go to an orphan?

Almost. We do pay fees to process your donation. Usually 3% or more depending upon where we send it. We also have to pay a fee when we send the money to our directors in Africa to ensure the funds are secure and not stolen. We also have some small admin fees monthly to cover software charges, training with our directors and any other supplies we use or send that is not directly sent for an orphan, but benefits the orphanage.

What else am I giving to?

Great question!  For many years Matt has been serving and helping other people around the world by helping to solve problems, offer guidance, help with relationships, help businesses, help startups, help individuals who want to become and entrepreneurs. Helping struggling companies, businesses, brands. Many of these people can not afford Matt’s standard rates for his coaching and consulting business and through your generous donations, Matt is funded to help people who otherwise could not afford to do so.

Can I Serve in someway?

Yes!! We are always in need of skilled talent and expertise that is not something we can pay for, but will gladly use to help others in life, business and career!

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