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This list is growing and being updated and only a few things are listed, but available. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.

!SOLD! Les Paul (1986) Customized Gretsch Falcon Tribute (with original parts and case) $1200
Red Rooster Roadster Boutique NOS Made in the USA (never sold in my store and kept in case to sell. This guitar is ABSOLUTELY amazing. Specs available and the case you’ll always see and no one can slip away with!! $2000
Danelectro 59 Reissue – This is a sweet guitar!! I did a neck repair in my shop that’s rock solid and it plays like butter!! $350
Fender Strat Relicd Frankenstein by me 🙂 USA neck, Squier body, HSS set up, and super cool guitar!!! $450
Fender Strat USA (with mods and original parts) Pictures coming and SKB hard case HWY1 STRATOCASTER RW SBT 8/2005 $1000
Very rare 1967 Gretsch Twin Reverb. Hard to find a lot of information on these amps. These amps were made by Valco.  $1300
2 – Original 10″ Jensen speakers
6L6 Power tubes. Original GE tubes.  5 – 12 AX7 tubes all are RCA
Reverb and Trem work perfectly.
Rated at 35 watts.
With Footswitch.

This list is growing and being updated and only a few things are listed, but available. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.

Super Rare NORMA by Teisco 1965-1979 era FANTASTIC VINTAGE GUITAR!
I absolutely love this guitar!!! I searched for it for months before I could find it!! As a luthier, I did a minor restoration of the guitar. It is in great playing condition, and has the incredible tone you are looking for! It does not come with the original case and the tremolo bar is missing which you can find easily on Reverb.
These guitars were originally produced by  :
Norman Sackheim in 1965. Sackheim started importing Japanese guitars to Chicago from a manufacturer called Tombo. The designs of the guitars were based on the Italian guitars made by companies like Goya and EKO ….REDUCED to $650!!!
Tanglewood KOA Acoustic Electric NOS –  I was the only authorized dealer in the area.  This, and all Tanglewood guitars are an exceptional value and generally compare to guitars that sell for double the price or more!
SHAPE Venetian Cut Auditorium TOP Koa BACK Koa SIDES Koa NECK (MATERIAL)Mahogany FINGERBOARD Rosewood BRIDGERosewood BINDINGRosewood SADDLE Bone, CompensatingNUT (WIDTH)Bone (43mm) SCALE LENGTH 650mm BRIDGE PINS Black ABS, Abalone DotsMACHINE HEADS
Gold Waverly Style Geared FINISH Natural GlossEQFishman PRESYS – $400!!! Great deal!!
Cruzer Phaser   Brand New (NOS) Model    Cruzer Phaser EF-PS Pedal Price $39.99
One Control’s AB Box is a simple A/B switching pedal that won’t hog your pedalboard. If you’re considering going to a two-amp setup, then this little box has your name written on it. The combination of active electronics and high-quality switching means you’ll never hear any kind of pop or drop out when you trigger the AB Box. What’s more, the AB Box doubles beautifully as an input switcher, a mute switch, or a tuner output. However you use it, you’ll appreciate the set of brightly colored LEDs, which let you see what channel you’re on with just a quick glance. And thanks to pair of DC outputs, it can supply 9V power to a couple of pedals if you’re running the One Control AB Box on a standard power supply.  (NOS) $49!!!!   One Control AB Box Guitar Amp Switcher Pedal Features:
  • A wonderfully simple and easy-to-use A/B switcher guitar pedal
  • Stompbox form factor is super pedalboard friendly
  • Brightly lit and colorful LEDs let you know which channel you’re on with just a glance
  • 2 x DC outputs supply power to pedals (requires external 9V power supply)
  • Bi-directional design lets you use it as a guitar switcher
  • It also works well as a mute, tuner output, and it other complex routing setup
SS Audio ANALOG modulation Chorus – This pedal was imported to me by the builder in Japan. Amazing quality!!!  $140
Korg pitch black chromatic pedal tuner (NOS) in box!! $75 (2 available)
  • Compact pedal-sized guitar/bass tuner that fits in your pedal board.
  • Large bright LED meters clearly show any tuning discrepancy. Choose from four types of display modes: Full Strobe, Half Strobe, Meter & Mirror
  • A broad detection range from E0 (20.60 Hz) to C8 (4186 Hz).
  • Calibration is adjustable from 436–445 Hz.
  • 100% True Bypass output keeps your tone intact
  • A 9 VDC output jack is provided for cascading the power supply to other pedals.
  • Sleek, black, and tough aluminum die-cast body for superb durability
Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay Effect Pedal (NOS in box) $200!!!
This is Visual Sound’s Dual Tap Delay pedal! This well-made & well-designed pedal gives you two footswitchable channels of delay that can be used independently or together. The Dual Tap Delay pedal lets you go all the way from subtle chorus, to great-sounding delays, to off-the-charts effects. All from one versatile delay stombox. Each channel includes a full set of controls, a Tap/Manual mode switch, and even a tone control. You can even customize your Dual Tap Delay by accessing additional internal switches!
  • Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay Effect Pedal
  • Modulation, Time Division, Manual Delay Time, Repeats, Effect Level & Tone Controls On Each Channel
  • (1) Input (2) Outputs
  • (1) External Tap Or Click Input
  • 9VDC Powered (Sold Separately)
  • On/Off Ch. 1 Switch
  • On/Off Ch. 2 Switch
  • Tap Tempo Switch
  • Manual-Tap Tempo Modes
  • Gold Finish
It is a high-gain distortion pedal especially designed for metal. If distortion is blade,
BladeMaster is the master born to manifest the blade to its ultimate. Normally, HI GAIN metal distortion
delivers a feeling of hallow out, with a dull and stiff tone, strictly matching some special amps, While
BladeMaster offers a full tone similar to Hi Gain tube amp. With 3 levels EQ and WOW clip (LFE), you could
easily obtain your desired tone no matter ferocious Riff or full metal Solo, and the outstanding dynamic
brings you authentic and sensitive feeling by each picking.
BladeMaster will easily activate your amp to a roaring monster with ferocious distortion screaming.
True Bypass design.
Dimensions: 8.2cmX9.6cmX3.8cm
BMF Effects Little Red Compressor (NOS in Box!) $175
The Little Red Compressor is a sonic reproduction of an amazing example of the classic red compressor from the 70’s; you can plug in and have that sound without having to try several vintage units. From fast chicken picking attack to long, lazy sustain the Little Red Compressor does it all while remaining easy to use.
As with all BMF Effects pedals, the Little Red Compressor features true bypass switching and a DC jack.
BMF Liquid Sky Chorus (NOS in Box!) $175!!!!
Warm, lush and 100% analog, the Liquid Sky Chorus provides the classic modulated sound with the added flexibility of a blend knob which can take you from “barely there” to “out there”.
Slow, atmospheric swirl? Check. Fast Leslie spin? Check. Pseudo 12-string jangle? Oh yes. It’s all there for you with the Liquid Sky.
As with all BMF Effects pedals, the Liquid Sky Chorus features true bypass switching and a DC jack.
 The Silencer FT145 is a pickup for your acoustic guitar that pops in quickly with no real installation, no soldering and no drilling into your guitar!  Simply pop the FT145 into the sound hole of your guitar. These pickups slide right under your strings and spring into the hole quickly and easily. If you decide to take it out it comes out just as quickly and easily. Use the included twelve-foot instrument cable to connect to your favorite amplifier or sound system and you will have plenty of volume without feedback.
It comes in a striking black finish and is balanced for use with typical bronze wound strings. they deliver unquestioned acoustic tones at a high volume on live stages or in the studio. Fully shielded and Made in the United States.
 Bill Lawrence FT-145 Specifications:
  • Pops in and out quickly and easily
  • Great tone at high volume and in the studio without feedback
  • 12 foot quality cable included
  • Made in the USA
** Will update more today 🙂 Stay Tuned and remember Gsus Saves!!!

** Will update more today 🙂 Stay Tuned and remember Gsus Saves!!!

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