An introduction to THE FLIP




In this 8 week program, your Hope Coach, Matt Crump, will guide you through the process of discovering extremely vital areas at the core of your life. Matt has developed a unique strength through his life experiences as a leader in business, ministry and community outreach as well as his battle with stage IV cancer. The benefits afforded to you through these life experiences will also develop a solid purpose and identity within you. As a result, this confidence fuels courage. A courage to live by faith, creating a purposeful legacy that will carry on into generations.

Have you lived YOUR life fully? If you were told you’re about to die, do you feel complete, confident and fulfilled? Do you have a life living into a legacy?

Have you been to the places you want to see? Been your best to the people you love the most?

“I just don’t have time for this.”

You don’t have time for this??!! Show me your Netflix account, how about Facebook or YouTube or Instagram!

“I don’t have the money?”

How much coffee at Starbucks or at the local coffee shop do you drink? Soda? Beer? Wine?

Do you smoke? Play the lottery? Eat out a lot instead of cook at home?



Hero. That may be a tough word to own and even tougher to feel that you can live into it. Here’s the truth: You can! You will! I’m going to help you realize your FULL HERO CAPABILITIES AND GIFTS! What is your #1 goal in life? Could it be:









√Future ?

It’s time to do THE FLIP!

Flip the script on what was and turn it into what should be.

This is about YOU! YOU are the star of your show and meant to take center stage, the HERO and I’m going to show you how!

  • A Confident person.

  • A transformed transformer of people

  • Clarity of vision and goals

  • A better spouse

  • A better parent

  • A better pastor

  • A better leader

  • A better entrepreneur

  • A better business owner

  • Release your inner artist

  • Be an inspirer of hearts

  • Transform feelings of not being “good


  • A more productive business

  • Better client relations

  • Launching into a new career

  • Becoming or growing as a mentor

  • Living a freedom life style

  • Establishing a legacy

  • Find your true authentic message


In this 8 week transformation, you will be equipped to flip the script of status quo igniting a revolution in your life. The tools you will be provided will help reveal what Matt calls #GodsGotThis moments in your life. It could be from moments that were small or moments from a more powerful time in your life.

  • If you have been craving direction and an indestructible confidence to pursue the “who” behind you.

  • If you desire an empowerment of purpose to clearly see, own and walk in your identity.

  • If knowing how all of these things work together in harmony to not only bring transformation into your life, but the life of others is the yes your heart is screaming right now………It’s time to do THE FLIP!

    Come find out all the details and how you can register for THE FLIP


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