I used to believe the lie that rest was a waste of time. Believe it or not rest actually stressed me out. I felt as if I was missing opportunities to do something else. The fact is I still have to wrestle with that temptation. Over the past couple of weeks I have been afforded opportunities of rest with my family that I don’t usually get…. it’s been great, there’s been times of stress because trying to get from one thing to the other can always prove challenging with a family. So this morning in reflection after all the fun, games, amusement parks, food and excitement, I find myself in a Greenmeadow near a smooth river and I am reminded about God’s rest. As I gaze over the river and ponder my responsibilities upon return I realize that rest is a place where I gain strength. Strength to fight more this battle of something trying to invade my body, strength more to be the leader God has called me to be in my home as well as my other areas of responsibility. To really believe that God’s got this you have to really experience his rest. I would like to encourage you in the midst of all craziness, in moments when you can’t sit down in a green meadow and look over a smooth river to remember that his rest is always available for you. #Godsgotthis

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