Over the past week I felt God stirring in me the word new. I found several definitions of the word new the bible uses and it really spoke loudly to me.  I shared this word with my worship team and the results have been overly incredible.

Here was the thought.  I focused in on two main Greek definitions of new.   One new is like a new pair of shoes.  They look awesome, something different and exciting, however, you have had shoes, you know about shoes.  The other new is a new like something you’ve never seen before like a satellite flying in outer space that can beam fresh and hot macaroni and cheese right to your plate here on earth.. never been done before kind of new 🙂

My challenge was to them and is to you.. what is a fresh word that is God speaking to you?  What is your “NEW”?

This is not some traditional moment to make a “new” years resolution…. most of those are good ideas that never come to life.  I’m talking about NEW.  Something never done before in your life.. something revolutionary.. something only God could do through you and your obedience to him.

There is always some OLD for sure that can hold us all back from our NEW.  Hurt past, limited trust, poor self esteem, fear.. the list goes on.  I want to challenge you to look at the old and ask Father what your NEW is.  It will be exciting and true freedom.. I can’t wait to hear and see what that is for you!!  Hey.. and remember… #GodsGotThis

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