What an incredible year 2015 has been!!  I have seen some incredible moves of God in my life, my family and my church.  I have come to see a dream dissolve and got news of a new battle.. CANCER.

It has been both the best and worst time of my life.  Who wants to hear that after a bad cough you have stage 4 cancer?  Not this guy.  Talk about hitting the pause button.

I am fortunate to have an incredible wife, powerful in prayer and faith standing with me.  At this time in our life we are watching our business die and store close, battling cancer, our kids changing to a completely different school system and the uncertainty of what the future holds for us.

The one thing that we know for sure is: God’s got this!  He has NEVER abandoned us.  He has NEVER left us.  He always has a plan and we must trust it.

I have been so blessed personally to see and hear from THOUSANDS of people that are praying for me specifically.  It is truly humbling.  It is a boost of faith for my family.

I have decided, (at the prodding of my best friend Chad) to start a blog.  I would like to share my journey with you.

I have tried some feeble attempts in the past and have failed, however, I feel this time God wants something different of me.  Over the past month something has been stirring in me (proof He’s not done with me yet!)  The words WATER and STEEL have come to my mind and heart.  I think it will be the title of my next music project as well as a book I want to write.  It may come from a series of these letters to you all or it may be something totally different.  I hope you will join me in this journey and I hope it is a blessing to you.  So let’s consider this the introduction.. Stand strong.. know God’s got this.. He is my Water and Steel!

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