1 CORINTHIANS 15:21-2221 For as by a man came death, by a man has come also the resurrection of the dead. 22 For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive.


If it weren’t for the resurrection, I would be wasting my time with any of this.  Just to say someone was born God, did all kinds of cool stuff and then just up and died, end of story, nothing else.. that is not what it was all about.  It was about Jesus defeating death on the cross.  It was about everything he said was true.  He put it ALL on the line.. AND WON!!!

This is one of the biggest weeks to reflect upon what this season really means.  It’s not about bunnies and candy, easter egg hunts and jumpy houses (although those are all fun).. it’s about the fact that HE IS RISEN!!

The grave is empty.. there were first hand historically documented witnesses.  Now if that is the case (It is) we are left with the decision to believe it or not.  If you believe it, then He didn’t just TELL the truth He IS the truth.

Jesus was the biggest come back of all.  The bonus.. we get in on it!!!  It is no longer about if we are good enough, do enough, read enough, preach enough.. it is about the resurrection.

I choose to live a resurrected life.  Now that doesn’t mean I am perfect.. FAR FROM IT!!! I am being perfected, by allowing the resurrection life to supercede my own.

This year, I would hope that in the midst of a politically hostile temperature, with terrorist activity at a high, culture determining our future (evolvement mentality) vs. absolute truth The SAME YESTERDAY TODAY AND FOREVER.. you/I will examine our hearts.  If you believe in the resurrection, it requires surrender.  You can never have resurrection without death.  God, I chose to die to myself daily.. please help me to do it well…. So I can be ALIVE!!!!…. and hey.. in the midst of it all..just know that it still stands true…. #GodsGotThis


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