Proverbs 21:21 NLT

Whoever pursues righteousness and unfailing love

will find life, righteousness, and honor.

Every person strongly pursues something.  We all have hobbies, lovers, family, work.. whatever.. and it is easy to be consumed by and in the pursuit.  BUT.. what is the end result of the pursuit.  Sometimes you get great things.. other times heartache and pain.. how can a person ensure a positive and known outcome in pursuit…. It really depends on what you are pursuing.

1. Righteousness:

Well, the bible is clear that our own righteousness is like filthy rags (like for real. nasty stinky bloody rags).. so obviously if that isn’t it.. what is a good pursuit of RIghteousness?

The word righteousness means: the quality of being morally right or justifiable. Acting in accord with divine or moral law :  free from guilt or sin. 

That says a lot!  Knowing that our righteousness is defective.. The only real righteousness to pursue is Christ.  His life.. How He lived it… Looking like Him. Now you may feel that living up to that is impossible.. But He came to show us exactly how to do it and gave us the grace to learn how.  So, in each day… a great focus.. a great pursuit.. Is to live and look like Jesus.. we’ll get to the benefit of that in a moment…

2. Unfailing Love

Just for sake of definition.. Let’s look at what unfailing means:

Without error or fault. Reliable or constant. Not failing; not giving way; not falling short of expectation; completely dependable: inexhaustible; endless:

Well, there is another easy one!! 😉 Wow.. It seems that to have an unfailing love, by definition requires pursuit.

PURSUIT: an effort to secure or attain; quest:

Just digging into this little scripture, I have been personally challenged.  Am I really pursuing? Because if a pursuit is an effort to secure or attain.. I’m trying to attain righteousness and unfailing love.. it is a quest!  That is nothing that can be done lightly or nonchalantly.  I wonder if as you’re reading this you can feel the weight of that for yourself.  Are you in pursuit of something?  And if you apply this verse to your life, here are the benefits of it:

1. LIFE… Wow!!!!  A benefit of this pursuit is life.. And we’re even told Jesus came so we can live an ABUNDANT LIFE!  To me life can mean so many things. Right now.. it means I get to live.. It means that cancer is defeated and gone.. but it also means freedom, love, peace, joy.. so many things I’m sure you can get the picture of… and it is a promise of the pursuit!

2. RIGHTEOUSNESS: Double wow!!!!!  If you’re pursuing righteousness, you become a morally right person, justifiable, free from guilt or sin!!  Now that is worth pursuing!!!!!

3. HONOR: There are so many ways to define honor, but one of them is: high public esteem; fame; glory:  Can you imagine.. a place where when you speak and people listen.. I think of an example like Billy Graham.. He has been blessed with honor… He’s not perfect (none of us are) but when he speaks people listen.. Presidents, Kings and Queens listen to him!!!  That is an incredible benefit of the pursuit.

So… what are you pursuing? What is your quest??  Something you are sold out for.. something you do everyday no matter what???!!!  Do you have a strong pursuit for righteousness and unfailing love in your life??  My friend.. if we all did, it could create quite a massive impact in our little worlds!!  I want to encourage you to reexamine your pursuit.  What is really important? I hope tomorrow morning looks completely different for us both!!!  And always remember in the midst of it all…… #GodsGotThis

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