We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed. 2 Corinthians 4:9 NLT

No where in the Bible are we ever told life will be perfect (well until we leave this planet anyway) and we are always going to face stupid crazy situations that can feel like a punch in the eye.

Funny thing about that.. they hurt real bad of course, but they don’t look all black and blue right away… the bruising usually comes after. (*There were no teenage girls harmed in the making of this blog)

The initial shock of the hit is one thing, but the bruising that happens after is when things get even worse.

We have a choice when that happens. Shrink down and harbor bitterness or stand up, stand strong and move forward.

We all get a shiner from time to time in life, it’s never easy and sometimes quite embarrassing, it’s the getting up part that takes true strength.

That isn’t always easy. Easy to do or easy to choose. As today’s scripture points out, we can be hunted down and knocked down, but are never abandoned by God and we are not destroyed.

That’s an incredible promise that quite frankly can be hard to believe sometimes, I know that for sure, but as someone who has been knocked down more times than I can count, I’m still here, still standing and still trusting Him. I just want to encourage you today that whether you are in the knocked down, hunted down stage of life or in the never abandoned, not destroyed stage, stand strong.

Take some time to dig into this scripture some more in your own study time and just remember, in any situation or circumstance you face yourself in..



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