Luke 19:3 NLT

He tried to get a look at Jesus, but he was too short to see over the crowd.


I recently read this scripture again and had a thought I shared on FB and it had a lot of messages coming to me. My thought was…. What crowd are you looking over to see Jesus??

Sometimes it can be hard to see and you can be made to feel small in certain occasions.  Is it a crowd of pain? A crowd of depression? A crowd of sickness? A crowd of unbelief? A crowd of loneliness? There are a ton of lists I could provide.

When we get trapped in those crowds it can be real hard to see your way out and even if you know Jesus is on the other side.. you just can’t seem to see. What Zacchaeus did was something we can do too.. it is what happened in the first part of verse 4 that made the difference:


Staying in the crowd is where we stay lost. Where we stay blind to the help that awaits us. Sometimes you just have to run ahead!!  That is where he saw Jesus



I don’t know what crowd you may be in today, but I do know what it feel like to be stuck in one.

If you are having a hard time getting a better view of Jesus right now and you may even wonder if he is really on the other side of the crowd…. The only way you’ll know it to run ahead.

Zacchaeus ran because he believed. He believed there was something more, something different and he was tired of what he was seeing and the view was much different above the crowd.

Read Luke 19 and dig a bit into that story and see what the Lord speaks to your heart. I’d love to hear what that is in the comments section below.

Be encouraged, stand tall regardless of the crowd and don’t ever, ever forget…


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