I was at one of the toughest times in my life as decisions are concerned. I was going out of business, fighting with a company that was supposed to be helping me, dealing with the fact that stage 4 cancer had returned and unaware of a ticking timebomb inside my body. 

We all have our issues and we all fight things in our lives, some seemingly worse than others, nevertheless, all personally important without  a doubt! 

Back to my moments at the store closing. I wrestled so much with closing. I loved it. Loved the business, loved the people and loved doing what I was doing. The reality was, my health and of course the economy that had a stranglehold on my business. Shortly after I closed and even though I was already having treatment at Duke for my cancer issues, about 8 weeks after closing, I  was out eating dinner with my family one evening, came home after for our normal evening routines,  part of which was gathering as a family to talk a bit and then prayed before bed.  The biggest issue was I don’t remember any of it. The next day I started what we now know was seizures. After a couple days of this and talking to Duke, I drove myself to the emergency department. It was then and there they saw a spot on my brain and I was rushed by ambulance to Duke. 

I had a bleeding brain tumor and had brain surgery to remove it and shortly thereafter had radiation treatment as well. This all was within 8 weeks from closing the store. 

Fortunately I had symptoms that alarmed something and fortunately I was able to close the business before this bomb exploded. 

It was a difficult time, I hated closing the store, but in God’s great grace and divine timing, I was in a position to heal in ways I might not have been. You see, I’m stubborn. I know that may hard for some of you to believe reading this 😉 but I am.  

If I had not done things the way I did, if I did not listen to the quiet alarms and still small voice from God, I no doubt, very easily could have died.  

This whole story today is pointing to a bigger picture I want to encourage you to see.  

What alarm or still small voice may be speaking to you that will enable you, through grace and mercy, to avoid the explosion of a ticking time bomb in your life? 

For me, it was literally life or death. That serious and for you it may not be a tumor, but it may be just as important.

I  was experiencing a #GodsGotThis  moment in my life… A place where God was trying to show me something and had plenty of illustrations and opportunities in my life to make it clear.  

 As passionate as you may be about where you’re at or what you are doing, and as much as you may think things are where they should be, I want to encourage you today to really look and see if that is the case.  

 “The wise counsel GOD gives when I’m awake is confirmed by my sleeping heart. Day and night I’ll stick with GOD; I’ve got a good thing going and I’m not letting go.”

‭‭Psalm‬ ‭16:7-8 MSG

It is vital to listen, and although if I would have died, I would have gone to heaven, as a matter of fact, I was about 8 weeks from heaven in this timeline. However, God had bigger plans and a great opportunity.  

 I don’t know what decisions you may be facing or where you’re at in that timeline with listening to the Lord, but I do know he has an incredible plan for you and how important it is to listen.  

 I want to encourage you today to dig deep and look hard to see and hear what God may be speaking to you, you may be surprised what he says. 

No matter what you face and what you may feel, there is one major fact and hope to remember and hold close to heart:





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