Who may be calling you?

It was another down day and I just didn’t have it in me to do anything. I was beyond exhausted and thought I would rest for 1 hour before I got another marketing call I signed up for.

As I laid down for a bit, I set my alarm to wake up at the top of the next hour to speak. My alarm went off and I hit snooze. It went off again and I reset it for 5 minutes before my call.

The alarm went off again and I was still having a hard time getting going, so I had determined I would just tell the person that I needed to find a different time.

Then the call.

When the phone rang, I was expecting a team member from the marketing guru in whom I was interested in. Nope, it was the guru, in person. He told me when I questioned if it was really him that it indeed was. This person has been able to develop his own multi-million dollar business in a short period of time and told me that on this particular call, he wasn’t interested in any other persons thought of the phone call with me, he wanted to speak in person and wanted to see if the relationship was going to work for himself and for myself.

I was pleasantly surprised to say the least, enough so that I sat up in my chair, got out of it and began walking around listening to him talk for about 5 minutes.

He asked me about myself and my plan and desire for the call and what he probably wanted, but didn’t know is that I was locked and loaded and immediately I shot a full passionate plan and mission with him.

After a few minutes of back and forth, he politely yet with focus stopped me and told me the relationship was not a fit. It wasn’t that my program was no good, it is that his sales platform wasn’t set up for what I am doing.

It didn’t stop there.

Instead of ending the phone call, he said, I believe you are ready, I can hear that you are on the edge of this an I believe in what you are doing. That being the case, I want to share with you your next step(s) and help you get to where you need to be without getting ripped off by other people and wasting anymore of your money.

For the next 15 minutes or so, he strategically laid out a plan for me to follow that made perfect sense. We thanked each other and that was the end of the call.

That is a big behind the scenes story, but what I want to convey, what I want to share is that…


I was 15 minutes away from a breakthrough in my life and my life almost got in the way.

What in your life is almost getting in the way of your breakthrough?

What call are you about to get that you don’t have time for? What conversation are you about to have that just doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea?

The reality is, there may be something in store for you in places you least expect it.

MARK 13:33 The Message

So keep a sharp lookout, for you don’t know the timetable.

Okay, obviously that verse is about Jesus coming.. however, it is also about being alert, on guard, sensitive and that is always a good thing. You never know when something GREAT can be happening to you. We sure as heck have enough faith to believe easily that something BAD can/will happen, so why not great?!

We serve a great big God with great big plans and a great big heart. FOR YOU!

Here’s the other part I didn’t mention at the beginning of this blog. I knew I needed to answer the phone, I could sense it, however, my weak ole flesh didn’t “feel like it”.

How many times have you had that happen in your life? I want to encourage you today (as I must do for myself) there will be plenty of times you just don’t feel like it.


It may not be a telephone ringing. It could be someone wanting to talk to you. It could be someone in line at the store. It could be someone you don’t like. Yep.

My friends, the call I got this week has put fuel in a tank that was starting to run low. It also gave me more fuel than I could contain at the time. It gave me extra, more…It is exactly what someone who is supposed to be living an abundant life was supposed to get!! I am so grateful to God for his grace and love for me. I am no different than you, well, except perhaps this epic beard of mine 😉 God wants to pour out blessings in your life as well!

Is my life perfect now? Well, no. But it sure does feel good to know that when the times are feeling rough and I just don’t know if anyone cares and not quite sure if I’m gaining anything at all …. A call comes in.

Yours is too. Be ready. You know why??


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